READ!! The exploits don't come with Wearedevs.api anymore you need to instal it manually! Then click here to complete! Click here to download Winrar extractor

the new project




On this page you can see some stuff about the new exploit our something where im working on right now!


This time im working on MAGMA roblox exploit it will be useble for lots of populair games and more!

On the moment i have allready added some commands for jailbreak but there comes alot of more page! 

It will be the best exploit with also a great design that i ever have made but it also takes some time when its ready this page get updated when there a comming more nices futures to this exploit! Also i go make this exploit the biggest exploit that i ever have made! To make this amazing looking design it have takes me allready hours to hours but its worth it! hope you like it!