READ!! The exploits don't come with Wearedevs.api anymore you need to instal it manually! Then click here to complete! Click here to download Winrar extractor

How to instal




To instal a exploit from is very easy just find your favourite one click on the red button "check it out!"

Then just follow the 3 steps also red buttons make it Green!

First download the wearedevs.api make sure your antivirus is off! Because false postives it will be deleted if your virus scanner is on. Then click on Surver key it will bring you to a other website. When you are there just take a look on that website. When you go back to the stcmods site the survey is completed and you can go to step 3. Now you can easly click on download. After that just extract the file's with WINRAR download Winrar here.

After that open your Roblox game. Then just open the Exploit and play 5 min without injecting after the 5 min then just inject to the game. After that the exploit is ready to use! You can also find instal video's on our channel.

For more information of how to instal go to the Exploiter Forum. We gona update everything from now there!