About us





Some about us. 


We are STCmods. 

We have a youtube channel and we startert in 2014. 

But when i begin to upload in 2014 i don't know what i want to upload. The channel name was also diffrent the name was STCgam Evideos.

Very bad name i think so. But i go uploading GTA 5 mod menu videos. But the quality was very bad. So i stopped with youtube by my 72 subscribers. In 2017 i had a great idea i go upload mods on my channel. and i startert agian. But with quality. Then my channel starts to grow. I uploaded two a three videos in a week. And i get more subs and more. I had my channel name changed to STC mods. Thats sounds alot better then STCgam Evideos. Or no :D. Now it iis 15-7-2018 and i have reached the one 1000 subscribers. So that is what i can tell about us. 

Please check all out and enjoy the site!